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“Great place to take the kids! Also some axe throwing for the adults was fun.”
-Jonathan H.

“The group I went with had nothing but good things to say! We had an awesome time with a lot of things to do.”
-Neal C.

“It’s a definite fun little place to visit. If you have little ones, it’s even MORE fun.”
-Chris B.

“Today we got Alex as our tour guide, and she made us feel super comfortable and happy on our tour! We’ve been coming to Mystery Hill for years, but she’s our favorite tour guide! We also did axe and knife throwing, and were accommodated nicely. I would recommend for kids of all ages, also for homeschoolers, as they have museums! Thank you, Alex!”
-Bella T.

“Fun place to visit, from gem mines to the mystery house, tomahawk throwing and good food also.”
-Gary D.

“This place is a hidden gem. There is so much to do for the whole family– even old-time photos. We went during our honeymoon, and I can’t wait to bring the kids back next time.”
Bethany T.

“My husband & I have been coming here for years. We first came with our 4 kids. Now we have 10 grandkids. We’ve brought most of them here now over the years. I’m glad to see how they have really worked over the years to build up & add on new stuff. They have kept it nice & clean. It’s so much nicer than it was 30 years ago.”
-Carolyn J.

“This place was not only educational, but also super fun! Everyone there was super nice! They even let us bring our doggy in! The dog was not amused in the gravitational room, but she did enjoy the bubble room and the tomahawk throwing!”
-Kristain A.

“We went to tomahawk throwing, and there were included lessons, so we got the hang of it quickly.”

“It has been many years since our last visit. Wow, what an improvement. Knowledgeable guides give you a history and demonstrations of the gravitational anomalies. Then you have areas on your own. The complete package (Mystery Hill, Native American collection, history museum, Tomahawk Hill, fossil museum, and gem panning) is worth it.”
-Elizabeth M.

“It was really interesting. I didn’t know there was such a place like that in North Carolina. Well worth the money to do the whole tour.”
-William P.

“They were so nice, and it was just a fun family day.”
Draper S.

“Fun day, especially for a 4-year-old ready to explore.”
-Karen C.

“Awesome place. Really cool adventure and the best gift shop ever. I love my mountains.”
Billy T.

“Whether you go in expecting a mystical phenomenon, a gravitational anomaly, or just optical illusions (yes, skeptics are welcomed as well), you will enjoy this attraction regardless! Even if you feel fully confident that you know how it works, your eyes, your brain, your sense of balance, and even your direction grasp of “up” and “down” will ALL bombard you with warped impressions. It is very well done!
This is just one attraction on a property containing museums, snack bars, live animals, and even a hatchet throwing range! It’s worth visiting and taking your friends and family. I recently took my son 15 years after my last visit. He loved it.”
-Jared P.

“Very fun attraction! It first comes with a short guided historical explanation as well as some theoretical explanations for this scientific phenomenon. The mystery room is very fun to play around with. They have several toys that show the gravitational pull. Very fun.”
-Illia W.

“We had the most amazing time at Mystery Hill! Shane, Kayla and Jack did an amazing job guiding us through all the attractions and teaching us about all the exhibits. My daughter, Emma, and I will definitely return.”
-Angee L.

“An absolute great place to go. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, child friendly, great price.”
-Stormy R.

“This is fun and educational. The people are really nice. Children love the educational areas. I am 60, and I had a blast.”
-Pat M.

“This place was one of the highlights of our trip to Boone. I really thought it was going to be a tourist trap, but it ended up being so much more. It was fun and educational. Great value for the money. We did the ultimate package, which included the tour, the crazy gravity room, the cool optical illusion stuff, a tour of an old house, axe throwing and old-time photos (and it came with the photos!). We also walked next door and did gem mining. I had kids age 7 to 18 and they all loved this place. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They also had the best gift shop in Boone.”
-Melissa P.

“Excellent place for family fun. I will be visiting a lot more.”
-Jimmy J.

“It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed every part. The old-time photos were fun, too!”
-Patti J.

“My boyfriend and I went to Mystery Hill on a rainy day. We had a great tour with Kayla!!! She was super informative and answered all our questions. Fun for kids and adults alike.”
-Sarah K.

“Such a unique place! A must visit if you are in the area!!!”
-Jennifer R.

“A great place to visit with friends or family. Fun for any age! That package deal is the best, allowing you to do all the attractions there at once for a pretty reasonable price! I’ve gone with family multiple times when visiting Boone and the surrounding area.”
-Bailey F.

“Nice place for educational science. The guide, Chris, was very informative and there to answer any questions. All the staff was super friendly. For under $30 a person, we got a tour of Mystery Hill, a trip through the science center, and a tour of the Native American artifacts museum, which holds the world’s second-largest privately owned arrowhead collection. It was like they went on and on forever. We also got a tour of the Appalachian State University’s founders home, old time photos, and got to throw tomahawks. I was slightly nervous about my 7-year-old daughter handling them, but the guy helped her out so much and was very verbally encouraging. I visited Mystery Hill when I was about 10 years old. Back then it was dirt floors and definitely a roadside tourist place. Today it’s actually more of a science anomaly.”
-Candy M.

“This place is just a lot of fun. The kids love it. Do the high-end package. We went with 12 and 10 year old boys, and the gravitational anomaly was a hit. Axe throwing was a hit. Old-time photos were a hit. There are plenty of other activities for kids (and grown-ups) to have fun experimenting with also.”
-Richard G.

“Fun place to spend a day with the kids. We did the family package, which allowed the kids to revisit the anti-gravity room before we left.”
-Catherine R.

“Awesome place!! So interesting and unique. I’m from NY, and while driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, I had to stop. It was definitely a highlight. Thanks for having me. The museum was interesting as well. Great examples of local pioneer life, both Anglo and Native American.”
-Kevin M.

“Nice place. Kids will enjoy. Lot of fun and other activities like mining and museum.”

“I really enjoyed the tour. The staff is friendly, and everything is clean. I am so happy that we found this attraction. We will definitely go back again during summer.”
-Jania E.

“LOVE THIS PLACE!! From the gravitational room that allows water to run uphill and just simply defies gravity, to the Dougherty House Museum, or the dinosaur and fossil museum, and even the Native American Artifact Museum, there is something for everyone at Mystery Hill! You could spend all day here between ALL the activities that it has to offer! We did the tomahawk throwing (something I wasn’t really into at first – hand/eye coordination is not my forte!), and honestly … it was one of the COOLEST THINGS I was able to take part in at Mystery Hill! I beat my husband at it … which never happens!! We will definitely be returning for another visit soon!!”
-Kimberly W.

“It’s a fun little place. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly. We went in the winter, so we didn’t have to wait for anything and felt unrushed.”

“We visit every year with our kids. They are always adding new activities and interesting experiments.”
-Stephen H.

“Lots of fun! The gravity anomaly has to be experienced… unlike anything I’ve ever done. Highly recommend!”
-Tim K.

“I loved it when my husband and I went there on our 8th anniversary. It was AWESOME and the associates were amazing.”
-Victoria G.

“Weird, freaky place that’s fun for all ages. Besides the crazy gravitational vortex room, be sure to try the mystery platform – just baffling, unexplainable stuff.”
-Heidi W.

“Fun place for a family. We really enjoyed the axe and archery stations.”
-Budd T.

“We’ve come to Mystery Hill annually for 6 years now. It is still fun for the kids! This year they added some new things. Small canteen outside of the old-time photo studio. Also, a tomahawk throwing range! Not too expensive and a great place to spend an hour or two.”
-Henry D.

“You need to go to Tomahawk Hill, located at Mystery Hill. I loved the Tomahawk throwing and knife throwing. Even kids can participate.”
-Robert D.

“This place is so fun. I found blue topaz while gem mining.”
-Katie H.

“Amazing. Odd. Different. Peculiar. And fun. Great for young and old alike. Lots to see and do at this location.”
-Mark M.

“Fun place to take the family. Our favorite was the archery at the end!”
-Jennifer M.

“Great place to come and visit. Love the cabins and the puzzles inside. Fun for a family.”
-Floppy Waffle.

“So cool! A must for all who love the mysteries of science!”
-Kristyn R.

“Very different and unique! Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable of the area and the museum. There were thousands of arrowheads and other Native American artifacts neatly arranged and interesting dinosaur fossils and natural minerals and stones. Plus outside activities and snacks and ice cream!”
-Sandi G.

“Kid friendly and fun for adults! There are many different activities, and you’ll make memories that last a lifetime.”
-Kasey M.

“I’ve been here couple of times, and the staff takes time and explains the history of the place and the fun stuff about the place. They never seem to be rushing you.”
-Prasad A.

“We did some mining in the gem mine and found some really neat rocks! Well worth the money!”
-Ronnie M.

“We really enjoyed our time at Mystery Hill. The staff was wonderful, and our kids enjoyed the experience. The owners are very involved, and it was great to have an opportunity to get to know them a bit. We will certainly be back.”
-J & K.

“We had a great time! Our tour guide, Jordan, was very knowledgeable and made an even more fun experience!”
-Ellen H.

“It was great! I don’t recommend the gravity anomaly if you’re pregnant or generally prone to throwing up, but it was a blast. Doc’s Rocks was great as well. We always enjoy a good gemstone mine, though.”
-Cory P.

“Had fun with a group of friends tonight with tomahawk and knife throwing and archery, then on to many snacks to share.”
-Bonnie B.

“I always have a good time here. I’ve been multiple times. It never gets old.”
-Andrew G.

“I had a great time here with my son and my grandchildren!!”
-Arthel S.

“Thanks for a great time, Mystery Hill! We enjoyed the Ultimate Combo Package. Had a fun day with great friends.”
-Gary S.

“The vortex room was CRAZY! That was one of the strangest feelings I’ve ever had.”
-Emerald H.

“GREAT SERVICE. Knowledgeable tour guides. Social distancing guidelines were followed. Masks were being worn. We had a great day.”
-Nina R.

“I really enjoyed this place. The staff was nice. My son came with me. He really enjoyed it. It is a nice place to go if you have difficulty walking long distances. They also have a porch to sit and relax. The view from the porch is beautiful. This place has activities for all ages. I would definitely go again.”
-Trygeania D.

“My granddaughter said it was COOL … very interesting and FUN. She and my husband LOVED the tomahawk throwing!”
-Pamela R.

“So much fun! Fascinating. There’s something there for everyone. The staff is so nice and very informative!”
-Susan T.

What a great time. Our guide was very helpful, funny and extremely knowledgeable. Prices were pretty reasonable. I highly recommend everyone check this place out. It will blow your mind.”

-Andrea O.

Honestly, I can’t say anything bad about this place at all. My family thoroughly enjoyed everything! All of the staff members were great and friendly!”

-Allison B.

Pretty cool place for the kids. My wife actually enjoyed her time there also. I enjoyed the hatchet throwing. Parking is a little limited, but worth finding a space to visit Mystery Hill. They have a huge collection of arrowheads. There is a tour of the old home place and a dinosaur display. For such a small place, it has a lot to do. They do old time photos, a snack place, gym mining and more. The mystery hall is a bit crazy– it will have you baffled and left wondering how they do it or if some mysterious force is at work within the earth. If you’re in the area, stop by and check it out. We had a good time.”

-William R.

The gravity vortex is a must-see in this area. Not quite sure what is happening, but the effects are real!!! The tomahawk throw is an interesting experience! The guy who gave the tour in the dinosaur museum was really excited about the stuff they have on display. Glad to see someone who likes their work very much and is excited!”

-Srini C.

It’s always a great time when we visit the Boone and Blowing Rock area. Our kids love the mystery room and beg us to go back every year.”

-War B.

Great time for us. It was a day-long adventure. I highly recommend this place. We brought a lunch and spent the day.”

-Chasity A.

Amazing place that’s fun for the whole family. The tilted floor does make you feel weird. Caution.”

-JC C.

Very fun experience. Well worth the money to do it all. A lot of things that are hard to explain. I think I figured them all out though. Very good family fun. Plan to spend a few hours to see and do it all, though.”

-Jason E.

Kids had a great time! Even the little ones threw the hatchet well!”

-Alonzo C.

I’ve been many times over the years, since I was a kid. I’m 48 and it’s still a really neat experience!! If you’re in the area, and you’ve never experienced it, stop by.”

-J. Rock

An absolute delight! We went gem panning and found some HUGE gems. Didn’t get a chance to actually go in as we were on our way home from vacation, but last time I went, I had an absolute ball.”

-Kaitlyn B.

Mystery Hill does not disappoint. The vortex room is exactly what it states. If you get vertigo, be prepared, as I literary had to crawl out. It’s fun but can mess with you. The gem mining was fun for the kids as they explain the stones that are found, and our kids really liked that part. The dinosaur tour was good for the kids, and they have a lot of cool stuff. Our guide was VERY knowledgeable about what was there and friendly. Finally we had our “old time picture” taken, and it came out great. Glad we have something to take back with us.”

-Brandi E.

Awesome day trip for the family. Park and walk to each of the attractions. Everyone is friendly. Museums are interesting, and the main attraction is a blast. We also had a blast at the gem mine. Awesome to share something from my childhood with the kids.”

-Joel F.

You get so much with the deluxe deal, it’s well worth it. We enjoyed everything. I would definitely go back.”

-Tim W.

Great place to bring kids! Watch water run uphill, balls roll uphill, feel an unusual gravitational pull, make large bubbles, look at arrowheads and the dinosaur museum, throw tomahawks, tour a historical home, gem mine, and have old-fashioned pictures taken. A good day trip in close proximity to Tweetsie Railroad, Boone & Appalachian State. Beautiful mountainous area!”

-Angie S.

Our family enjoyed all the things to do! Dinosaurs, gem mining, Native American museum, hatchet throwing and more! It was a very good value, too!”

-Terry W.

Lots of fun for all ages. Good activity rain or shine. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. We got the ultimate tickets. It’s a good 5 hours of entertainment.”

-Lynette G.

Staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. They went out of the way to make my daughter’s birthday special. Definitely recommend stopping in and checking this place out.”

-J. Lewy

Great to take kids on a rainy day. My niece loved it, and they were super attentive/inclusive for all ages in the exhibit!”

-Megan J.

WOW! Great bang for your buck. Cool in more ways than one. Pictures too!”

-Carlton D.

Pretty cool place to visit. I really liked learning about the fossils and the tomahawk throw.”

Devon J.

It was very fun. One of the rooms there made me very drunk, but I loved it and would like to go back again.”

-Rebel R.

Awesome place! Very interesting. Great staff. It did make me nauseous, but I still enjoyed it.”

-Sharon H.

Really plays games with the mind. The children in the other groups seemed to enjoy it.”

-Kathy M.

You feel a strong gravitational pull in the room (vortex), and quite honestly it will make you feel a bit queasy. We tried to pass this place off as an optical illusion, but when we got home, we looked through our photos, and though most were normal, there was one that was not. I did not use any tool to produce this strange image and could not duplicate it when I tried. It is 100% accurate, and there is no explanation.”

-Jessica K.

Must see at least once. Personally I have been here 3 times. It is fun and great for families or couples/dates. Spent at least 2-3 hours here each time.”

-Brooke S.

Great family fun. Getting the full pass is a must so you can do the old timey photo and gem mining. Don’t miss out on the fossil museum and take the guided tour if offered.”

-Brian E.

Great family place to visit for fun! My 16-year-old grandson loved it! The historical Indian artifacts museum is something no one should miss!”

-Jean D.

Fun. Still trying to figure out how much is illusion and how much is real as far as the “vortex” is concerned.”

-Lori S.

Great place for kids and adults! Our family had a great time there! Ages 7, 11, 13, 16, 42 & 66. Everyone had a great time, and the staff was very, very friendly and knowledgeable!”

-Gregory J.

Very unique place. The vortex was unreal. We bought season passes because it’s worth it. Can’t wait to go back.”

-Bil P.

Good place to visit just outside of Boone. Open rain or shine.”

-Sri A.

Great place, especially for kids. I used to go as a kid and enjoyed going back as an adult because of the memories.”

-Ember K.

Lots of fun. Glad we decided to stop in on our way back home. We will definitely be back. Even my pre-teen was smiling.”

-Amanda M.

A very unique experience and a must-do with kids. They’ll love it. If you have issues with gravity/motion type sickness, this not for you. My 8-year-old granddaughter loved it and could have stayed a long time.”

-Katleen W.