Tall Tales and legends have always brought people to the High Country. Storytelling is in the blood of Appalachians- just like soup beans and cornbread, which, combined with a story on a cold winter’s night can make the wind blow just a little less hard. With roots in Indigenous, African, and European folk traditions, the stories told here are as varied as the people who have called this region home. Join us each Friday of the month as Professor Carson and his knowledgeable museum staff share these legendary tales and their origins. Most events will be accompanied by live music, too!

Tales from the Hills will include, Jack Tales, cryptids, ghost stories, historic battles, and will even answer the question- what does Daniel have to do with Boone? You won’t want to miss this! There will be engaging flights of fancies for the children, and great ah-ha moments for the adults!

Meet the Team

Come spend your Friday afternoon with Professor Carson and our Storytellers! Each member of this crew is happy to share their unique perspective of Appalachian history and sometimes sprinkle in a little music. 

Terry is an App State Alumni alumna and Nationally Board Certified Theatre Arts/Music Instructor who has taught in both North and South Carolina. Terry has been a musician since age 8 and is also a Sea Shanty Singin’ Pirate at the Carolina Renaissance Festival as well as an enthusiastic member of the Mystery Hill staff. In addition to being a member of our very own “Storytellers”, Terry is also a member of the indie-folk band “Flight 472”.

Isaac is a musician with 7 years of experience, a self-proclaimed Appalachian history enthusiast, and an avid animal lover! Isaac spends much of his time here at Mystery Hill taking care of the bunnies and chickens in our 1903 Historic Farmyard. Appalachian bluegrass has always been a huge inspiration for Isaac and he hopes to share it with the world! Most days when you visit Mystery Hill, he can be found in the 1903 Dougherty House Museum and will give you a musical demonstration of Lillie Dougherty’s original pump organ.

Our Museum Director, Carson, is a historical Swiss Army knife. With two degrees in public history, 10 years working in the field, 6 years of museum management experience, and a host of college courses taught, Carson would be thrilled to chat with you about any nuanced historical topic.