Family Vacations that Appeal to Everyone in the Family

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Do you often struggle to come up with a destination that everyone in your family is happy about? It isn’t unusual to find it challenging to plan family vacations when one person wants outdoor activities, another wants shopping, another wants museums, and yet another wants something unique or whimsical. When you only have a week to cram everything into and you don’t want to spend the majority of it traveling from one spot to another, it pays to consider a destination that has as many different things to do as possible.

Family Vacations that Appeal to Everyone in the Family

One place that is perfect for family vacations is Mystery Hill. With 5 shops, 9 unique attractions, and 2 eateries, there is truly something for everyone. All ages enjoy the many indoor and outdoor adventures, including knife throwing, axe throwing, archery, the natural gravitational anomaly, the old-time photo parlour, the 1903 Dougherty House Museum, Native American Artifacts Museum, and so much more. One ticket gets you access to all of the unique experiences so nobody will even come close to being bored or feeling left out.

If you would like to learn more about all that we have to offer here at Mystery Hill and why so many great memories are made on family vacations here, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more. We believe we are the ideal blend of history, family fun, science, and culture that will become a family favorite to visit each year. Hop in the car and come for a visit!