For decades, people of all ages have enjoyed the Mystery Hill attraction. And yes, kids LOVE it here. But did you know that lots of our annual pass (Vortex Pass) holders are retirees and couples? That’s because we offer activities that are not just for kids and have expanded our offerings to include interests like ax throwing, bull riding, and the craft cabin that are so ridiculously fun.

And when kids go back to school in the fall, the weekdays are a bit less crowded and it’s the perfect time for adults to visit. We get lots of groups of girlfriends or buddies who come to throw axes at Tomahawk Hill, ride the bull, and then enjoy a picnic or an Over the Top Mason Jar Milkshake at Front Porch Eats. They love to dress up in old-timey attire and get their picture made at Professor Finnegan’s Old Time photos, fish in the river, make a candle, pan for gems, and laugh at their friends trying to stand up straight in the Gravitational Anomaly.

History buffs love to spend time in the 1903 Dougherty House Museum looking over the Appalachian artifacts in this turn-of-the-century home and learning about the origins of Appalachian State University. They also enjoy perusing the over 250,000 artifacts in the Native American Artifacts Museum.

So pack a bag, warm up your ax-throwing arm, grab your fellow adults and come have a blast at Mystery Hill. Warning: your kids or grandkids will be jealous so maybe consider bringing them next time!