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Enjoyment for all ages at the Museum of Science and History!

It’s not always easy to find family-friendly activities these days that have options for a lot of different age groups. If it feels like your last museum trip was filled with stress and anxiety along with repeated calls to please not touch anything, then we here at Mystery Hill have some great museum choices for you! Located just outside of Boone, North Carolina, our Museum of Science and History have great choices that will not only encourage your children to touch the exhibits, but to play and experiment with them as well! We have many things that you’ll enjoy about the Museum of Science and History, some of which include:

Museum of Science and History in Boone, North Carolina

  • Hands-on Exhibits- Bernoulli floating balls are just one of the enjoyable things that you’ll see here at the Museum of Science and History. We also have giant bubbles that your little ones can surround you within, bubble wands, and even a bubble wall. Our optical illusions are something that will play tricks on your brain and provide an educational experience for parents and children alike. Our shadow wall and flying mirror are also sure to be a delight!
  • Historic Life Exhibits- If you’ve ever wondered how people lived at the turn of the 19th century or even before, we have the answers that you’ve been looking for! See what a “modern” house looked like in 1903 and browse through all of our Native American artifacts with one of the largest collections in the country.
  •  Fun for Every Age- Whether you are coming with friends or with family and no matter your age, you will enjoy your experience with the Museum of Science and History!

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