There are plenty of ways to make your next birthday a memorable one! No matter how old you will be on your next birthday, we here at Mystery Hill would love for you to check out our birthday party options! Tomahawk Hill is full of wonderful escapades that will be perfect for any birthday party, and this is the perfect place for your birthday party event location.

At Tomahawk Hill, we want to bring out the birthday fun by serving up some amazing activities for you and your party. Not only do we have delicious treats and eats in the area for your birthday meal, but we also have some great ways for you to work off all those delicious treats as well. With activities that include axe throwing, Cherokee blow darts, knife throwing and archery, you won’t feel too bad about snagging a second piece of cake. We cater to experts and beginners alike with careful safety guidelines and beginner’s lessons, so don’t worry if you’re not quite an axe-throwing expert just yet. With the ability to book both larger and smaller groups, Tomahawk Hill makes for an ideal birthday party event location.

Our activities are just one of the things that set us apart for a great birthday party event location. We also have beautiful scenery, wonderful attractions and plenty of other activities that anyone in your party will enjoy. You are also welcome to bring your own alcohol if you would like. If you are looking forward to your next birthday, please contact us today to learn more about our wonderful birthday party event location and activities.