Sometimes as a parent you wonder if you’ll ever get your children to stop bickering, much less agree on anything. When it comes to planning family outings, all you really want is to see them all smile and know that you will all share the wonderful memories for a lifetime. Here are some tips for how to get all smiles on your next and future family outings.

  • Get their input on the travel plans- Children feel more invested in the family outings when they feel that they have had input at the planning stage.
  • Check everyone’s schedule- Be sure to plan your family outings around important dates, such as dance recitals, a friend’s birthday party, and other can’t-miss activities.
  • Don’t make them all educational- While there can be some educational aspects, you don’t want your family outings to feel like a very long day at school.
  • Don’t leave out educational- Children do love to learn, especially when they are doing so in a fun way, so don’t leave out the museums. Just opt for a hands-on one that they’ll have fun while they learn.
  • Include plenty of physical activity- A long road trip with little chance to get out and burn off energy isn’t going to elicit many smiles. Find a destination everyone loves and then enjoy the many things to do there rather than stay cooped up in a hotel room for very long.
  • Take home souvenirs- Kids love to not just tell their friends what they did on their family outings, but be able to show them. That doesn’t mean you need pricey ones. Even photographs and postcards can put a smile on their face.

Here at Mystery Hill, we are one of North Carolina’s most unique attractions. With a blend of indoor and outdoor adventures, we are confident that your family will be smiling from ear to ear! Reach out to us to learn more about our famous and engaging experiences that the entire family will love.