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Create family vacations with lasting memories with our many activities!

Spending time with your family is important for building lasting relationships! It is also growing increasingly hard to find family time. If you are struggling to spend time with your family due to busy schedules or difficulty finding areas that are safe and fun for families, look no further than Mystery Hill, located just outside of Boone, North Carolina, for great family vacations.

Family Vacations in Boone, North Carolina

Mystery Hill has everything that great family vacations require. We have great lodging options for families of all types, including those who like creature comforts and those who simply want to show their children the great outdoors! No matter where you choose to stay, we know that you’ll enjoy the views and comforts.

In addition to our lodging options, we have tourist attractions that will make any family pleased. We have museums to browse and admire as well as a hands-on science center where you can experiment and play scientist along with a great dinosaur museum sure to please any budding paleontologists out there. One of our most popular attractions is the gravitational anomaly that gave us our name! No family vacations to the Boone, North Carolina area are complete without a visit to Mystery Hill, where water flows upwards and balls roll up instead of down! You’ll have to experience it yourself to believe it.

If you are looking for family-friendly ways to experience family vacations, we want you to come and experience all that we have to offer here at Mystery Hill. To learn more about our family vacations and how we can help you create an unforgettable experience, please contact us today.

Family Vacations in North Carolina
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