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You and your family will love visiting Mystery Hill!

Spending quality time with family these days isn’t easy. With so many extracurriculars and activities pulling us in every direction, it can feel like you don’t get much time to eat dinner together, let alone just enjoy each other’s company. Family vacations are a great way to slow down, spend time together and have some fun. Here at Mystery Hill, we have been hosting family vacations for generations, and we would love to see you and your family visit our wonderful attractions when you are in North Carolina.

Family Vacations in North Carolina

Located just outside of the Boone area, Mystery Hill is a picturesque place to spend your family vacations. Our unique location is one that members of every age and every stage can enjoy. Many people struggle with family vacations because they worry that there will not be anything for their age group. However, once you are one of our visitors, you will love that there is something fun for everyone! Whether you want to sit down and relax, go on a leisurely hike or enjoy museum tours and more exciting attractions, we have something for you.

If you book your family vacations with us, you will find that everyone will be excited to come and sad to leave. With attractions, delicious food, comfortable lodging and plenty of other amenities, we know that you will love spending time with us. If you have questions about our attractions or lodging, we can help! Give us a call today for answers or to learn more about why you should spend your next family vacation at Mystery Hill.

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