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If you are looking for summer family vacation ideas, we encourage you to check out Mystery Hill.

As the school year draws to a close, it only makes sense to start brainstorming ideas for how to spend the summer break. For kids, summer vacation represents a welcome reprieve from school, and for parents, it offers the chance to spend quality time with your kids and form memories that they will treasure forever. If you are looking for summer family vacation ideas, our team at Mystery Hill encourages you to come check out our attractions–we know you will have a wonderful time!

Summer Family Vacation Ideas in Asheville, North Carolina

When deciding between various summer family vacation ideas, one great strategy is to look for experiences you won’t get anywhere else. You will definitely find such an experience here at Mystery Hill when you check out our gravitational vortex. This natural anomaly causes water to flow uphill right before your eyes, and you will feel its effects on your own body as it causes you to lean at a 45-degree angle, no matter how hard you try to remain upright. If this isn’t exciting enough for you, we also offer a wealth of other outdoor attractions, including wading, fishing, tubing, and even tomahawk throwing, as well as indoor activities and museum exhibits.

Our team is here to help you have the best possible time on your vacation, and we are happy to suggest summer family vacation ideas that are tailored to your individual preferences. If your vacation will take you near the Asheville, North Carolina area, we encourage you to come pay us a visit and experience our many attractions for yourself.

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