Join us this Fall at Mystery Hill for the fun you’ve come to expect from Mystery Hill, PLUS a little extra dose of supernatural and a stellar celebration! We’ve always known there was something a bit other-worldly about the Gravitational Anomaly, but this fall, the Aliens abound in a fun-filled fantastical fall adventure!

Dr. Rozwell’s Alien Expo & Celebration Carnival

9/23/22-10/31/22 (10am-5:30pm, last check-in at 5:30pm)
Featuring alien-themed carnival games, a “Hazard Bucket” at Prospector Hill, and the Space Cube Experience (like an escape room). Carnival tokens are included in all Ultimate Adventure and Ultimate Adventure PLUS packages.

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Attack on the Hill

9/23/22-10/31/22 (7pm-11pm, last check-in at 10:30pm)
An after-hours haunted tour of Mystery Hill’s Gravitational Anomaly. Guests will take a guided tour of our Gravitational Anomaly where they will have to defend the property from an alien invasion. Ultimate Adventure PLUS ticket holders are eligible to add “Attack on the Hill” tickets for 1/2 price and can upgrade to a Hazard Bucket for $5.

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Intergalactic Alien Target Practice

Guests can hone in their skills at “alien attacking” at Tomahawk Hill. Coaches will be available and each guest gets one round to perfect their aim.