The Natural Gravitational Anomaly

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Want to see water flow uphill? Visit the natural gravitational anomaly here at Mystery Hill!

Back in 1903, Mr. & Mrs. Hudson bought a property in the area that is now known as Boone, North Carolina with the hopes of starting their very own apple orchard. It wasn’t until later that they noticed some strange anomalies that only occurred near their property. Things like water flowing upwards, people seeming to shrink as they switched places, and a strange feeling or dizziness afflicting those that visit a certain hill on the property. Known then and now as Mystery Hill, the natural gravitational anomaly is something that has puzzled and delighted people for decades and continues to do so now!

The natural gravitational anomaly is a gravity vortex that has been astounding visitors for over 70 years now, and we can only assume it will continue to do so for at least 70 more! After all, where else can you go in the world and feel yourself being forced to shrink to a 45-degree angle instead of standing upright? Or watch a ball roll uphill instead of down? With a unique anomaly that you’ll be thrilled to tell your friends and family about, the natural gravitational anomaly is something that is worth the trip to our Mystery Hill.

If you are looking for a unique and enjoyable experience that you can’t get just anywhere, you need to check out the natural gravitational anomaly here at Mystery Hill. With plenty of other outdoor activities, adventures big and small, shopping and eating experiences and a view that you’ll never tire of, Mystery Hill is a great option for any traveler. Please give us a call today to learn more about our unique attractions.